Government Shutdown

I don’t think I was even vaguely aware of the existence of a Smithsonian PandaCam prior to the Oct. 1 government shutdown. I wasn’t aware of allot of things, really: including how intimately connected the U.S. Federal Government and everyday life in Washington, D.C. actually are.

I had some idea, of course. This is an unabashedly “One shop town” and it’s impossible to forget the fact when you walk past the Capitol and the National Archives on your way to work each morning. I signed up for that along with my internship at the National Endowment for the Humanities last winter.

But I really wasn’t expecting questions over whether or not the trash would get picked up. Or for the water fountains I use on my morning run to be turned off. Or for my first full feature in Humanities to be indefinitely delayed.

That said, what an interesting time to be in D.C. . . . and I have a full feature to be published by Humanities magazine once things get up and running again. I’ll post the clip up here along with other samples of my work once it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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